Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ciklum we believe that companies should have human values: ethics, integrity, loyalty and compassion. We want to make Ciklum’s values clear to you.

We are focused on the following areas of Social Responsibility:
  1. Employee welfareWe are responsible for not only salaries and offices, but also for the well-being of our team members and their families.
  2. Environmental responsibility The company considers sustainability issues when making decisions on both long-term business strategies and daily operational needs.
  3. Emergency responseWe make emergency and preparedness plans for all possible accidents and train our staff correspondingly.
  4. CharityWe feel obliged to share our potential and take care of those members of society who are facing difficulties with their basic life conditions, or who are in dire circumstances.
  5. Education and training Professional knowledge and skills open new horizons for individuals and gradually transform all of society. We are committed to supporting such initiatives.
  6. Knowledge sharingWe implement this principle by the creation and development of IT communities, industry events, and diverse publications.
Our Values
Long-term thinking
CSR Report 2018 Summary
  1. Ciklum initiated office tours to empower young people through series of presentations and trainings. These sessions are aimed to prepare the next generation to tackle the challenges of our rapidly changing digital world.

    • 600+ attendees
    • 28 tours
    • 8 to 18 years old
    • 5 cities
  2. 500+ free IT events

    Ciklum held 500+ free educational IT and tech-related events in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Spain to develop the IT ecosystem in the countries of our Development Centers.

    • 4 ongoing green initiatives:

      • Recycling of paper and batteries
      • Car-pooling program
      • Resource saving
      • Bike culture support
    • Ciklum launched SpeakUp!, a secure digital platform intended for employees, partners and third parties to raise concerns about ethical conduct at Ciklum. The SpeakUp Program is launched as a part of the Whistleblower Policy as a tool for hearing, processing and settling internal and external concerns and complaints related to integrity and ethics.

      • Ciklum is oriented toward making a social impact. From the very start, we aimed to integrate Ukraine into the world, Our unique model is based on direct collaboration with clients, which makes everyone important and every voice heard. Ciklumers are members of teams of particular clients and at the same time part of Ciklum.

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