60% Faster Time-to-Market for VR Solution
60% Faster Time-to-Market for VR Solution

In cooperation with Kantar Retail Virtual Reality teams in the UK and USA developed a VR solution to allow research with real shoppers in virtual stores.

Kantar Retail Virtual Reality pioneered the use of Virtual Reality for some of the leading retailers and helped them better understand customer behaviour.

faster time-to-market
decrease in cost per stage
increase in team productivity

Kantar wanted to develop a VR solution to allow research with real shoppers in virtual stores rather than actual stores.

The aim was to offer the end-user quick, realistic and confidential browsing without the cost, time, and hassle of visiting brick and mortar stores.

This was a unique enterprise project for desktop and laptops using the Unity Game Engine for commercial use.

Ciklum established a hybrid model – combining offshore, nearshore and onshore teams – spread across the UK, USA and Ukraine.

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It’s a competitive advantage in the market that we can make major product changes every two months
Cedric Guyot
CEO, Kantar Retail Virtual Reality
Team increase from 15 to 50 People in UA, UK and USA
60% faster time-to-market
36% - 43% In team productivity
50% higher security with Security Policy
Client’s ROI
27.5% decrease in cost per stage
70% faster time to implement new functionality with DevOps
41% to 12% lower team attrition rate

Kantar’s virtual merchandising software has replaced physical merchandising centres as the planning, visualisation and range review solution for the world’s biggest retailers.

Ciklum provided:

  • VR solution with a clear delivery roadmap,
  • Delivery metrics showing team performance,
  • High retention rate with the help of team motivation programs,
  • Faster problem solving

Scaled Agile Framework was implemented in 6 months and connected 50+ people in UK, USA and Ukraine, uniting software delivery, QA, Scrum, and UX/UI teams.

We’ve been able to articulate a roadmap to the business and to our clients and deliver in time and in full, which is a really positive milestone”
Eric Radermacher
Product Manager, Kantar Retail Virtual Reality
Ongoing Service Innovation
  • People Partner together with the onshore team built the HR strategy to ensure a high-performance team culture.
  • Kantar needed “spare hands” on board within one week. Ciklum offered Peak Resources to speed up development.
  • Relocation services helped build a “bridge” between the team in Ukraine and Kantar by moving the Delivery Manager to the UK.
  • DevOps Services helped monitor processes and to establish central user management.
  1. ok_iconCreated with Sketch.
    41% to 12%
    decrease in attrition rate
  2. ok_iconCreated with Sketch.
    36% - 43%
    increase in team productivity with clear processes
  3. ok_iconCreated with Sketch.
    talent acquisition due to transparency
  4. ok_iconCreated with Sketch.
    from 6 to 2 months
    quicker releases
  5. ok_iconCreated with Sketch.
    from 9 to 3 months
    faster time-to-market
  6. ok_iconCreated with Sketch.
    from 3 months to 1 months
    improved response time to client feedback
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