With Ciklum DevOps service you can increase your delivery capacity up to 7 times, cut time-to-market and costs, while improving application quality

  1. Continuous Integration
    We ensure that everything the developers build can be tested, and only deployed to production when you are ready.
  2. Monitoring
    We monitor and check the health of your system including monitoring of the system, infrastructure, log files and edge services like DNS, black lists and PCI compliance.
  3. Infrastructure
    We create and manage your flexible, dynamic infrastructure.
  4. Release Management
    We manage your releases to reduce the risk of failed deployments.
  5. Security Management
    Should an issue occur, we will be there at any time of the day to eliminate the threat.
  6. Patch Management
    This is not just adding patches, but making sure that the ones that matter the most are completed first.
  7. Performance Review
    We constantly focus on assessing your environment to ensure it continues to run at optimum performance.
  8. Applications
    We use best practices for delivering applications faster and more safely than ever.
  9. 24x7 Support
    Working in shifts, the team is always fresh and ready to tackle any situation with skills that are leveraged across the business to solve even the toughest customer challenges.
DevOps practices
  1. Configuration management
  2. Application performance monitoring
  3. Release management
  4. Infrastructure as code
  5. Continuous deployment
  6. Test automation
  7. Configuration integration
  1. Vladyslav Gram
    Vladyslav Gram
    Head of DevOps
  2. Andrii Gedz
    Andrii Gedz
    Project Manager, DevOps Support
  3. Vyacheslav Plakhutin
    Vyacheslav Plakhutin
    Team Lead of Support and Manage Services
  4. Dmitriy Gnatko
    Dmitriy Gnatko
    DevOps Engineer (Microsoft)

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